Population Status, Threats and Conservation of Non-human Primates in Madhupur National Park.

  • In collaboration with Dr. Habibon Naher. Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. May’15 – Oct’15.

Primary Survey, Distribution and Conservation of Amphibian Species in Rangpur District, Bangladesh.

  • Assisted Mr. Hassan Al-Razi. Funded by Explorers Club. Mar’15 -Feb’16.

Slow Loris Research and Conservation Project, Bangladesh.

Assessment of population status, distribution and conservation issues of Particolored Flying Squirrel Hylopetes alboniger (Hodgson 1836) in Satchari National Park, Habiganj, Bangladesh.

  • Principal Investigator. Funded by Explorer Club. Advised by Dr. Habibon Naher. Jun’15 – Nov’16.

Inventory on the Butterfly Fauna of Adampur Reserve Forest, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh.

  • Researcher. Equipment Grant by IDEA WILD. Nov’16 – Current.