Tanvir Ahmed (Shaikot) is the principal investigator of Phayre’s Langur Conservation Initiative in Bangladesh and M.Sc. student of Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation branch of Department of Zoology, Jagannath University, Dhaka. He is also the assistant researcher of Bangladesh Slow Loris Research and Conservation Project for more than 2 years. Tanvir is passionate towards conservation research of few poorly studied but globally threatened mammals especially the primates of Bangladesh. He just completed data collection on population status of Particolored Flying Squirrel (Hylopetes alboniger) in Satchari National Park of  northeastern Bangladesh. His M.Sc. thesis is on assessing population Status, habitat Characteristics and threats of Pig-tailed Macaque (Macaca leonina) in the same forest. Tanvir was an active butterfly watcher since 2012 and recorded 16 butterflies new to Bangladesh. He was supported by The Rufford Foundation, IDEA WILD, The Explorers Club, Sigma Xi small grants. Tanvir is also an awardee of National Science and Technology Fellowship of the Bangladesh.
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